yay short hair again. however for the first time in oh…12 years…my hair is it’s natural color. and i hate it. haha. it’s boring dull blah brown. so it’ll be changing soon. i’m torn between getting it bleached white or going black again.

we will rock you tomorrow. i have an extra ticket. anyone wanna go? anyone? beuler?

when canadian tv refers to “the great war” is that ww2? it never occurred to me that canadians fought in either world war…haha i’m a stupid american.

there is also a commercial on CBC about the stanley cup – some kind of contest where you get to throw a big party or get tickets to the finals…something. anyway. the commercial, mark messier shows up at a house with the cup. a guy opens the door and he’s wearing a sabres jersey. awesome! maybe it’s foreshadowing šŸ™‚

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