back to work

back to work and things are as if i never left. other than a few minor personnel changes…as soon as i walked in the players were back on my nerves again. i need another job that pays me tons to do very little haha.

saturday was the jagermiester music tour with shadows fall, lacuna coil and stone sour at dome theater in the falls. it was sort of funny, eric was excited for shadows fall and was a bit disappointed, and i was excited for lacuna coil and was a bit disappointed. we went up in the balcony and away from retarded little kids, which was nice, except it was wicked hot up there. of course as lacuna coil comes on i get way too hot and dizzy 😛 anyway. they were good, just they got to play 7 songs and 6 were from the new album. which isn’t their best. which sounds like fieldy joined the band. they need a solo show so they can play for longer and play old stuff that was good. that is all. hopefully they do come around on a solo tour soon. stone sour was entertaining, corey knows how to work a crowd. the floor looked ridiculous, and i’m too old to be in the pit for bands i don’t even really know/like hahaha. really, nin only as far as getting killed at shows. so it was fun, nice to see eric again.

and i’m back to my “going to bed at 7am and waking up at 3” ways again. i had to do the toke schedule yesterday and it’s all messed up because we all have weird start times, and extra days off, and it was a hassle. but i am getting paid an extra 6 hours a week to do this stuff, so i can’t really complain. i get my hair cut tomorrow FINALLY and work 6-2.

back to working on my pics from the trip. oh, which reminds me. everyone who already knew, or asks about meeting trent – the first question they ask is if i slept with him. um yes. i jumped him right there in front of all those people and no one seemed to mind 😛

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