*sigh*…it’s always nice to have my mom clean the house, as she does when i’m away. but she always goes through things, and throws stuff out, stuff that is not garbage. like she threw out my box of stuff from chuck palahniuk, minus the 2 cds of his readings, and the harmonica and switchblade comb…and she threw out my NIN birthday card that was on my fridge from last year. and while yes, the bday card was hand made on a piece of notebook paper, and signed by people who i’ll probably never see again – with the exception of adr2, bliss, s and v – it was still sorta special. thanks mom. the house is clean and cat hair free, and rearranged, but seriously. stop going through my stuff when you clean!!!!!!!

i’m trying to detox myself from the almost full bottle of pain killers i took on the trip, but it’s not working. wicked rebound headaches that got so bad, i had to give in and take 3 more of them. gah. this blows.

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