home sucks

i’m very very irritated that i couldn’t change my flight and stay an extra week. because it turns out i don’t have to work until sunday. i wouldn’t have even needed the story we made up about losing my passport and not being able to leave. arg. argargarg.

and i’m totally depressed. back to my usual completely unmotivated self. where i just sit here and do nothing, and don’t even have the motivation to get up and go to bed haha. man. it’s a good thing i hate festivals or i’d be going back to europe in august. new dates announced today.

but adr2 came over and i gave her the stupid stuff i bought yay hahaha. starwars lego keychains hahahahahahahahahahahahahah we’re the only ones who get the significance hehe.

i need to go get kitty so i have some company. and i took way too many pictures of the cologne dom, i’m so sick of looking at them.

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