sorry for 3 posts but this has to be said…something my dad pointed out (he heard it from somewhere else). we have headlines like these:
House approves warrantless wiretap law
Senate OKs detainee interrogation bill
and then we hear from multiple sources that we’re now worse off than we were pre 9-11…this administration is undermining the Constitution and international law for what…in reality and put into historical perspective, how much of a threat are we really under? how much damage can a terrorist attack do? even worst case scenario, a dirty bomb, how many would die? yes, 3000 dead on 9-11 is terrible, it really is. but during the cold war we faced nuclear annihilation, a much, MUCH worse threat, yet no administration during that time undermined the Constitution to protect the country. yes the threat of mutual assured destruction prevented a nuclear conflict between the US and USSR but the chance of it happening got very very close at times (Cuban Missile Crisis to name one, there were many others). much closer than the threat of another terrorist attack, with a much much worse consequence. the government didn’t secretly spy on us then, and they didn’t torture suspects. i long for the days of the Cold War, or when the most we had to worry about was who was blowing the president.

god damnit. dear canada, send me a canadian boy to marry. or hell, gay marriage is legal in canada, i’ll marry a girl to make myself a canadian citizen. just help me! haha

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