i’m watching arlington road, it’s about your neighbors being terrorists…and it was from 99, so pre 9-11 haha. anyway. tim robbins is in it, and he’s the bad guy. and i am having issues watching him play a bad guy. he just reminds me so much of nate. he just can’t be evil haha. (ok and wow…twist ending holy crap, genius, oh god this shouldn’t be seen by potential terrorists haha)

there is reason to believe that the sattler theatre was used as a mosque of the Nation of Islam. there were records of attendance from 69 and 70, the first page labled as Muhammed’s Mosque of Islam No 23. do you think looking up info on the Nation of Islam will set of red flags in the white house spy rooms? i know nothing about the Nation of Islam except Louis Farrakhan. does it even have anything to do with the Islamic faith? (apparently it does) i just want to know if there are records to confirm that the theatre was a mosque of NoI…I found an excel spreadsheet online that lists Mosque 23 being at 512 Broadway, a different address…another website on buffalo churches list Mosque 23 being at 512 broadway, but it has now moved to 5 walden ave, and there is no longer a building at 512…next time i go down to the terminal I’ll have to stop in and see if they have any info on the old mosque.

to make things more confusing, i noticed in my exterior picture that the address actually ON the builing is 512 broadway not 516 broadway, putting the Mosque at the theatre. still gonna confirm at the current mosque if possible.

I have no idea what this spreadsheet is a list of, it’s not labled, yet it lists the Socialist Workers headquarters in Buffalo as well as the Workers of the World haha. and 14808 other group headquarters between 1969 and 1988…Alaskans for Nuclear Arms Control…”Closely Watched Films” whatever that was…the file was from the Radical Information Project “The Radical Information Project (affectionately, RIP) is dedicated to providing information about “conflict” or “contentious politics” (e.g., demonstrations, terrorism, civil war, protest policing, human rights violations and genocide/politicide) and analyzing this information in fundamentally different ways.” http://www.bsos.umd.edu/gvpt/davenport/home.htm

anyway this reminds me, when i got us lost in the ghetto yesterday cuz i went the wrong way on the 33 we found THE best church ever. HOLY GHOST TEMPLE FLAMING FIRE MINISTRIES (the caps come straight from what i c&ped on their website http://www.webspawner.com/users/holyghosttemple/). what a great name for a church. god i’d LOVE to go to a service there if i didn’t think i’d get mugged before or after. they have a fabulous logo too. unfortunately it’s not on the website. for school chris has to participate in a racially uncomfortable situation, i said he should go to a service there. i need some fellow heretics to go with me one day hahaha.

ok so that was fun. yay research. photos to come in a separate post.

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