dreams…something about a nin dvd coming out, so i went to the store and bought it, brought it home to watch with adr2 i think…and some others. it wasn’t a concert video, but clips of different stuff. and after watching the first set it stopped working. so i decided to go back to the store to get another one, and a radio station was there doing some kind of promo where you could win the dvd. but i didn’t win. suddenly chris and alex were there so i kept trying to make them go try to win the dvd for me. then i was on a trip with the toronto ue meetup group, camping or something. and that whole thing was weird. then for whatever reason i was at the richardson complex. i think chris and alex were there to begin with, but then disappeared. other ppl i didn’t know were there, and i don’t know why we were there, except that we were inside the fence just hanging out. then we watched as a guy who was also inside the fence got out through a hole in the chain link. i was like oo!!! a way in!…even tho we were already inside the fence…then leighanne was there for a short time, and i was like, look at the hole in the fence, we could get in except it’s way too visible to the functioning hospital. so we were trying to think of a way to get inside the fence that we were already inside without anyone seeing us go through the hole. she disappeared, and suddenly a person was opening the door to let ppl inside for $25. so hell yeah i was going to pay $25 bucks to finally get inside the kirkbride. and conveniently i had my brand new dSLR camera with me, so it worked out. we walked into an area that looked familiar to me from other photos, tho i don’t think that’s the case in real life. i was so amazed i sat on the floor and started crying hahhah. i thought about texting dan that he was visiting too late, cuz now i had finally gotten into the last frontier of buffalo urbex without him. looking around more, it didn’t look like a hospital at all. went downstairs into another floor/basement, which apparently had been used in a horror movie cuz there was all sort of scary crap and bloody maniquins and stuff. walked by a lunch counter, which i said i had a photo of from when the hospital was open. then upstairs to a room with either skylights or no roof, and you could see city hall and other buffalo buildings as if the hospital was down town. so i was trying to take a picture out the skylight of city hall but it kept moving haha. then i was trying to take a picture of the 2 towers of the hospital out the skylight..even tho i was in the hospital….made no sense.

and i just remembered that in the dvd part of the dream, one of the vid clips of the band had the band members in storm trooper costumes and me and adr2 cracked up laughing

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