nin vegas

so nin vegas. got up and since we all had seats we didn’t bother to do the line thing. so we went to a mall for a bit, and met amira and rolf at the venetian to go to madame tussauds and molest wax figures. i kissed a zombie LOL. and tried to kill Dubya. after went to treasure island but no pirate shows til after 5 so we went back to venetian and got dinner, then off to aladdin for the show. had decent seats in the 100 level. brought my camera this time, and seems i got some good shots. thank you 400$ piece of shit camera.

setlist was the usual. got with teeth tho YAAAAY. good show of course tho. after went to paris with amira, rolf, candace, ryan and their friend somethingoranother. went BACK to aladdin to play some games and try to get a 5$ nin chip (turns out they haven’t gotten them yet grr). i was winning in 10$ black jack tho. then we all headed to MGM, got some drinks, played a bit, lost money in 3 card poker even tho i WAS winning. headed back to the apt. adr2 leaves tomorrow. dunno whats going on the rest of the time. the people from work arrived today, bob ref called me during the show but i forgot his number so we’ll hook up tomorrow prob, see what’s up. tony arrives monday night i think. bachelor party hahaha. i promised his fiancee i wouldn’t let him touch anyone hehe

1 Pilgrimage/Mr. Self Destruct
2 You know what you are
3 Terrible Lie
4 The Line begins to Blur
5 March of the Pigs
6 Something I can never have
7 Closer
8 Burn
9 Gave Up
10 Eraser
11 Right where it belongs
12 Beside you in time
13 With Teeth
14 Wish
15 Only
16 Everyday is exactly the same
17 Even Deeper
18 Suck
19 Hurt
20 The Hand that Feeds
21 Head Like a Hole

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