nin cabazon and arriving in vegas

in vegas. the flight was uneventful except for the fact that it turns out a few people from work were on the same one therefore i was forced to sorta socialize with them. they were people i don’t see and or talk to often. arrived fine and on time, met adr at the airport and off to her house. off to the strip for dinner, shopped at some of the casino malls for boots (no luck) and then back to the airport to get adr2. shopped and turned in to get up at 5 to head out to cabazon cali.

spiral show!

we got to morongo around 10 and got in line. it wasn’t too bad at that point, but by the end 102u870834 people cut in front of us. but no matter it was a 900 ticket show. we met 2 really cool people from utah behind us in line, candice and ryan. so we had a good time.

the show. the first half of the show was allllll old stuff. i actually thought for a while we would get all old stuff. but eventually they threw in only, you know what you are, the hand that feeds and…i think one more from with teeth. we got please for the first time i think out of all our shows. it was almost all the old songs they’ve been doing, and then the few from with teeth. it was a great show of course. trent and the guys were really happy. trent mentioned that they were playing “hit after hit after hit” LOL and that it felt like they were playing for all their good friends, and how he thinks he has the best fans in the world but that he’s never been in a shitty band that would have shitty fans LOL. he forgot the words during starfuckers and just stood there til he remembered. aarons guitar was messed up and trent told him it sounded like shit. aaron said something that i couldnt understand. trent threw the mic to the crowd to sing the “don’t you part” but since aaron wasn’t playing no one was singing and trent was like “just say don’t you a bunch of times” LOL josh was drumming the hand that feeds so completely dorky, much like bono during “love and peace or else” it was hilarious. at the end aaron got onto the speaker stack and jumped into the crowd. basically right into adr2’s arms. but we all ended up on the floor LOL. i was on top of amira, and trying to get up when some guy decided to use my neck as leverage to get up wtf. everyone was really cool, all real fans and all that. it was great.

super tired drive back to vegas after the show. on the drive we drove through the town in the middle of the desert that had the world’s tallest thermometer, and wow it was so less fabulous than it should have been. it was digital! lame. the desert is so weird, nothing around and occasionally a town with a few buildings and gas stations that are boarded up anyway. lots of joshua trees. and it turns out we were driving NO where near Joshua Tree park to find THE joshua tree. another time.

Terrible Lie
March of the Pigs
The Frail/The Wretched
Mr Self Destruct
Dead Souls
You Know What You Are?
Gave Up
Starfuckers, INC
The Hand That Feeds
Head Like A Hole

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