stomach hurts, called in again, tho i’m feeling guilty cuz i might have been ok enough to work. oh well.

i remembered the guided missile case at carbosil so i decided to look up the missile it once contained, the AIM-54. and wow. pictures. pics make it look way bigger than the case, but it’s hard to tell from my pics. apparently it’s 13 ft long with a 15 inch diameter. that seems right, but the wingspan is 3 feet, which would not fit in the case. one source says they cost about a million dollars each to make, others have a unit cost of 477k. the weapon is apparently retired.

after this websearch i’m definitely on the FBI subversive list.

for those not interested in clicking the links, just note this

The AIM-54 Phoenix was retired from USN service on 30 September 2004. F-14 Tomcats will be retired on September 22nd, 2006. Both F-14 Tomcat and AIM-54 Phoenix missile continue in service of the Iranian Air Force.

now again, why on earth is the case for this weapon in carbosil?

now to research the base, NF-17DC….it was once proposed (1981) to turn the site into a medium security correctional facility…interesting. according to a 2001 document, property was still owned by the air force, and was being looked at by the department of housing and urban development as “property suitable as facilities to assist the homeless”. i’m curious as to if the main large “burned” building is the bomb proof missile master building that is spoken of in some of these reports. (well this overhead shot certainly looks like it could be) *edit* it indeed is the missile master building. now i REALLY want to get inside it

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