stomach is dying again. ug. hurts so bad.

lunch was fun, there ended up being about 10 of us. it was weird though because Most Hated Player Ever was actually friendly and nice to us, and gave us a whole 8$ discount on our check. he brought over some kind of duck thing, and no one would really touch it cuz who knew what the hell was really in it (ifyouknowwhatimeanandithinkyoudo). i still don’t like chinese food tho so i didn’t eat much, and people put in way too much money for the check so they kept giving it to me so we wouldn’t tip them. since He was nice to us i sorta felt bad trashing the place. Xiao started throwing stuff on the floor though so we made a bit of a mess. ended up we were all non smokers so we couldn’t light up in there, i never bought the cigarettes like i said i was going to haha. hit a few stores with mary after and now waiting for board meeting. but i sooo don’t feel good. time to drink more antacids.

and this site is fabulous!

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