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Nine Inch Nails – Erie PA

headed out around 9 for Erie/Mercer PA. and let me just say we are total dorks and phil must think adr2 and i are completely insane. so we get to mercer and cassie and beth are delayed cuz they got pulled over on the thruway. we drive around and scope the town out…if you can call it a town hahaha. we looked for a welcome to mercer sign, every town has them, but with no luck. we finally found one of those small signs that tell you you’re now in a new town. so we pulled over and me and adr2 took pictures and she put a sign on it that said “home of trent reznor.” haha we’re freaks. so we go out to the high school and what do you know, there’s a big welcome to mercer sign. so we park at the school and do the photo op with the sign and then walk behind the school to the football field where band geek trent performed in the Mercer Mustang Marching Band Machine. LOL took some pics in the bleachers and then i had the idea of going into the school. so we so totally did. now i know amira and phil thought we were insane. so we go in the main entrance and look down the halls. there is a girl waiting in the entry for something and we’re all being geeky and theres some sort of plaque for something with Thomas Reznor on it, so adr2 is like TAKE A PICTURE hahaha so the girl asks us what we were there for, and adr2 is all like, oh just looking. so i go “ok be honest, trent reznor went to high school here and he is god” lol she just looked at us and was like oh yeah. seriously, mercer is definitely middle of nowhere, where the only fun thing to do is lick grandpa’s powertools. 🙂 so we left and decided not to wait for cassy and beth and to go back to erie to get a spot in line.

not alot of people there when we got there, so it wasn’t too bad for getting there after 2. decent enough weather. no soundcheck or anything, get inside around 6 and we decide to go for center, cuz we were 2nd row. at this point i was just really annoyed with people and i was thinking i was going to leave and just watch the show from the soundboard. but when saul williams came on and i realized trent would be right there right in front of me i decided to stay.

got mr self destruct again. crazy. absolutely completely crushed. but it was fun. i realized they used “sin” to replace “you know what you are” which is a weird trade off i think. we discussed that we think sin is a weird 2nd song and it would be better somewhere else in the set. anyway…this time we got “something i can never have” instead of “the wretched”…which made “closer” seem too early in the set. whatever….we got reptile AND dead souls so that was good. “piggy” replaced “with teeth” again but trent came down in front and adr2 got to molest him finally 🙂 so she was happy. hurt is totally boring to me now. it was kinda funny, between some song trent started talking, alot…about how he’s been interviewed alot of times and people always ask him where does all this angst, and anger, and sadness and depression come from. and he said, i spent 18 years in pennsylvania what do you think! hahaha

so now with all of this stuff during the show…i wasn’t there. i remember “something i can never have” and i remember pretty lights behind trent during the song, and then i remember walking along the barrier with security. cuz at some point i passed out. but apparently i was still functioning because i asked to get out. i don’t remember any of that, i just remember being down at the other side of the stage walking and a security guard asking if i was ok. adr2 and amira said i was really elegant getting pulled out LOL like i was a queen and they were carrying me LOL so hey i look good getting pulled out. so they took me to chairs on the side of the floor and i sat there and cried through “closer”. i am so fucking pissed i had to get pulled out. because i was not getting hurt at all, smashed sure, but i have no new injuries and i was not in pain at all despite the fucking ignorant rednecks who ended up behind us (who i almost bit haha i didnt know where he had been tho so i didn’t). i was covered in other people’s sweat but i could breathe and i wasn’t overly hot or anything. i am no more injured than i was yesterday. but whatever. i passed out. done.

after staying at this side area for 4 songs i went to the back to get something to drink and turns out phil was back there. he left at some point, walked back out of the crowd. so we just stayed in the back the rest of the show. i got bored during hurt and suck so i went to buy the tour book since it wouldn’t be completely destroyed haha.

Mr. Self Destruct
Terrible Lie
The Line Begins To Blur
March of the Pigs
Something I Can Never Have
Gave Up
Right Where It Belongs
Beside You In Time
Every Day Is Exactly the Same
Dead Souls
The Hand That Feeds
Head Like a Hole

met up with everyone after and headed home. amira and i might go get tattoos tomorrow afternoon, run some errands, and then cassie and beth are coming up here for a little get together at the house with adr2 and maybe bliss and maybe adr1 depending how she’s feeling. dunno what we’ll do other than gush about the shows LOL and mercer.

i really gotta say i was so fucking excited in mercer, being all dorky and everything. we’re so lame. haha it had to be done. pics to come.

rochester thursday will be my 20th show. i think. hahaha yeah. we’re heading up really early because we want to be first in line for once LOL. not expecting a soundcheck but maybe we’ll be surprised. it’s supposed to rain. it’s gonna suck.

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