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Nine Inch Nails – London Ontario

What is it with Canadians? Canada is supposed to be the so nice and civilized, polite, must stop for pedestrians, socialized medicine country. But go to a show there and it’s the roughest crowd ever. My god.

Adr2 and I took the quick 2 hour trip to London and met up with Amira, Cassie and Beth. Spent 7 hours in the cold, but it was pretty amusing and fun most of the time. Warmed up by sitting on the sewer haha. Anyway…1 back, in front of Aaron…Saul Williams opened. It was interesting and very different. It seemed like everyone was pretty polite. He did a good job, for what he does. It’s a combination of spoken word and hip hop. Very political, and you can tell that if he was in front of his own crowd he’d be able to totally command them. It was pretty cool.

NIN rocked as always. They opened with Pilgramage into Mr Self Destruct. holy crap haha. so so very cool. It had a very different sound than I expected and it was cool. A few set list changes…added Sin, Piggy in a very bad exchange with With Teeth blah, Suck again…That might have been it. I’ll have to look it up later. OH…added Reptile back in and I soooo missed that song. I really hope they have it in on thursday cuz Eric definitely needs to experience Reptile. I got really really tired during Hurt and almost could have fallen asleep standing there (what with 2 hours of sleep last night) but it was too amusing to watch the high schoolers profess their undying love for that song…how cliche 🙂

Great show, rough crowd. So yeah we were behind these 3 kids who must have been in high school based on their maturity level. Very obnoxious and all that. Well at some point in the pushing I ended up at the rail in front of the guy among them. So that led to this stupid girl yelling at him to punch me in the fucking face. Over and over and I’m just laughing and enjoying the show but she wouldn’t shut up. So I yelled back at her that I’d punch her in the fucking face. So the kid decided to smash me up against the rail, as if that’s gonna do anything to me at my 18th show. But I punched the girl LOL. It wasn’t hard and it was in the arm but she totally was not expecting that. And I almost got thrown out cuz of it hahah. Seriously if you’re gonna talk shit about punching someone you better expect to get the same in return. Fucking retard. They didn’t bother me the rest of the show.

The whole show was rough, very injured. bad bad bruises on my knees and hip bones, spine bruised from the guy behind me having his elbow in the middle of my back for half the show, ribs totally hurt, and legs are just…hurting. I can’t wear a belt it hurts too much so i gotta figure out something to wear tomorrow haha. Erie is not gonna be a big thing, but I gotta be comfortable with my injuries. And i’m not as bad as after the toronto club shows. I can still breathe without hurting haha.

1. Pilgrimage
2. mr self destruct
3. Sin
4. terrible lie
5. the line begins to blur
6. march of the pigs
7. the frail
8. the wretched
9. closer
10. burn
11. gave up
13. right where it belongs
14. beside you in time
15. piggy
16. wish
17. only
18. every day is exactly the same
19. Reptile
20. Suck
21. Hurt
22. The hand that feeds
23. Head like a hole

So tomorrow leaving at 830 for the drive to Erie. But we are kidnapping Phil and meeting Cassie and Beth in Mercer PA to do stupid NIN fan shit in Trent’s home town – like pose for a group picture on the high school bleachers 🙂 and the mercer town hall….and a mercer sign….etc hahahah

my laptop will not keep time…

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