omg i had a dream i was at a david bowie concert, but it was in the street in front of my parents house. and special guest howard stern showed up to duet on rebel rebel, and they brought me on stage as well. gah so weird.

also dream: don’t remember all of it, but i was in prison for something, and there was someone with me who decided he was going to shoot every single person in prison. OH i remember, it was some sort of version of the movie saw, with a guy who wants people to be thankful for their lives if they survive his torture – which this time was walking down the row of cells, and shooting into each, not aiming, and whoever got shot got shot. we turned a corner and got to a cell with a guy who looked like a gangasta rapper, ice cube reminiscent, and he was holding a huge ass automatic gun. so he starts shooting at us before we can shoot at him, and my partner disappears, so its just me with the gun and we only have a hand gun. he puts a few rounds into my shoulder, and i manage to get a few into his back which doesn’t faze him at all. and then he shoots a few rounds into my leg, and somewhere else, and i get a few more into him. i’m sorta assumed dead, and someone comes to drag me to the hospital or something. but i’m awake and not dead and so i’m walking with them by all these ppl who think i’m dead but i’m not.

and dream: i was coming home to my apartment and the locks had been changed, and my unit and the one next to mine had turned into a jewelry shop. the shop people were still in the process of moving in but all my stuff was gone. so i was fuming and went to the office and demanded that i get my apartment back and that all my stuff be returned exactly as it was, and that i wanted all new appliances. haha

and in other news. not as many people as i thought knew about my trip to the hospital. i am above rumors at that place i guess. also didn’t realize exactly who was helping to get me out of the building before the emt’s caught up. i thought it was just mary, but apparently it was rob and kin and other ppl haha. they’re so nice. they almost got me out too, which would have been way better than forcing me to go to the hospital. apparently i was also totally coherent and knew what was going on, and was responsive, i just don’t remember any of that part.

and i think i have a sinus infection. cuz i’ve never had a cold where i wake up from extreme pain around my eyebrow and side of my nose on the left side. or maybe it’s a cold and i’m just THAT stuffed up by the time morning rolls around.

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