i guess we’re going to make winter trips to the ER an annual event. i spent last night there. i drank too much at the work holiday party: 3 glasses of wine. WTF it was hardly anything. totally forgot about my meds. so chalking it up to a bad reaction with the meds. but anyway. got sick, apparently the emt’s wouldn’t let mary just take me to her house, they made me ambulance it to the hospital. fan fucking tastic. woke up there and my parents were there. apparently tony had been there and stayed a while til my dad convinced him to leave haha. i hadn’t even seen tony at the party. crazy. sucks. i’m sure i’m the new talk of the casino now. we all have our time i guess.

before that, yesterday was good. jerry came over and had a nice time catching up on things. after he left, adr2 and bliss came over. watched, er rather tried to watch, the man who fell to earth with bowie. it was tough haha. very…out there…weird arty makes no sense so we fast forwarded alot of it kind of movie. the best part is when bowie is gonna shoot the girl and she covers her eyes with a banana. but yeah. it was worse than a david lynch film. won’t be one i’ll be seeing again any time soon – though apparently they are making a remake!?!?!?

the party before i was sick was fun. vegas is gonna be great. as long as i stay under 3 drinks 😛

and i’m sick on top of everything. woke up yesteday morning stuffed up and wicked sore throat.

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