la fee verte

at the tolouse-lautrec show i bought a book about the history of absinthe, which was a huge “fad” in monmarte among the bohemian culture when he was living. really makes me want to try some, but that aside… an exerpt:

absinthe moved further into the mainstream counter-culture with the 1997 video for the track “the perfect drug” (available in a ‘domination mix’ and an ‘absinthe mix’) by dark and doomy S/M oriented US band nine inch nails, in which trent reznor is seen preparing absinthe amid edward gorey-style landscapes, and perhaps regretting having murdered a girl. along with nine inch nails, gothic rocker marilyn manson is also said to buy crates of absinthe from the united kingdom. underground ‘absinthe clubs’ were alledged to be springing up in DJ Levien’s absinthe pulp fiction Wormwood, a fictional state of affairs only possible because absinthe remains illegal in america. its legal status caused speculation when presidential wife hillary clinton was photographed in prague with a glass of absinthe in front of her. did she actually drink any, people wondered, or was it a neat counterpart to her husband’s trick of ‘not inhaling’?

haha i wonder what would happen if you were caught by cops with absinthe. is it like pot? would you get arrested with drug charges? i bet alot of people have never even heard of absinthe.

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