so i had this dream last night. tommy and i were getting married. it seemed sorta spur of the moment, but it was planned. possibly that we decided with only a few months to plan. we were getting married at a mall it seemed, but there were no stores. the place was just set up like a mall, with a 2nd floor that had space in the middle of the walkways to look down on the first floor. i think i sorta looked like the corpse bride. anyway. i was immensely unhappy about it. people started arriving, and i was walking around wanting to call it off. but i felt bad that i’d disappoint all the guests. but then i talked to someone i guess was my mom that i didn’t want to get married, and she told me to call it off, that tommy was walking around in the hall. so i went to go find him and i guess i told him i didn’t want to get married. don’t really remember what happened after that. but we didn’t get married that’s for sure.

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