i have just completed my first 40 hour week this summer, if not the entire year. i forced myself to do it. it was tough yesterday and today to not leave early, but i made it. we’ll see how my paycheck compares to my supervising pay checks. i really wanted to come home and keep going through my pictures today. i realize that i really need film. i’m going to have to try to make it out to color tech to buy some, as it’s the only place that sells my TMAX!!! film around here. the overpriced camera shop that was near me closed a few months ago.

i gotta dye the hair back to black tomorrow, so if/when i get the extensions tues they match. i haven’t seen the girl all weekend to get her address and stuff, so hopefully i see her at work tomorrow. or i’ll just have my short hair. blah. and laundry.

one thing that exploring today kept reminding me of was the book “atlas shrugged”. i finally finished it last week. i had only been reading it since march. overall i really liked it. there are times when it got way too repetitive, as did “fountainhead”, with ayn rand’s philosophy. i actually had to skip almost an entire chapter towards the end – john galt’s speech – because i just couldn’t take it anymore. it was a frightening book in many ways. but i don’t really buy into her philosophy. the book was very anti communist in a way. ANYWAY. exploring reminded me of it because one chapter sends dagny and hank to the 21st century motor car factory – which had been closed and abandoned. they go through the factory looking for records, and find “the motor”. that’s what i kept thinking about today, there were lots of motors and machines around.

i’m now reading “catcher in the rye”. a classic apparently. and although i honestly am enjoying it, i don’t quite see the point as there is no plot. i don’t get why it’s such a classic, when it’s just a teenage boy telling stories. it’s as if my stupid meaningless random posts from 5 years of having a blog were condensed into a book. i’m half through and yeah, no plot. not getting the “classic”ness. whatever. i do like it.

i found out about a bar that i’d probably like in buffalo. club diablo. focuses on punk, goth and industrial. i’m totally gonna check it out. man i need friends to go out with me haha. from the small picture in the magazine i saw it in, it was reminiscent of lux in rochester which i thought was the coolest bar i’d ever been to. looks way more swanky and trendy than the continental. the cont is such a dive haha. and apparently from their website, clubldiablo.com, ron jeremy hangs out there when he’s in town. lovely. i decided i MUST go there, because they have a specialty drink called jim jones kool-aid hahaha that thrills me. no cover on wednesdays, specializing in synthpop and ebm. adr2, you are SO going with me when we get back from vacation.

i feel like i have lot to do in the next 2 and a half days, but i’m sure i’ll sit here all day tomorrow and play snood.

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