well i certainly had an entertaining last 20 minutes of work…started when i hit a lady with the roulette ball. this guy there asked me if i was mad at my boyfriend. i said no. the lady said maybe i had a girlfriend. which led to asking me if i was heterosexual. i said yes. the 2 of them started into a rather hilarious conversation about gay people. the lady thought lesbians were perfectly fine, but gay men were gross. it continued between the 2 of them, her trying to explain the difference, and all this. me and this other guy were laughing our asses off. in the end, since i said i didn’t have a boyfriend, the guy started asking me what i look for in a man and is going to keep his eye out for me. thanks.

what else did i have to say. oh yeah. the bct forum makes me want to kill myself.

i think i’m definitely going to have to change my email address. and i love it so much too… …i need to think of something equally as cool now

and oh yeah. i didn’t get told off. i’m disappointed. i guess tom and her talked and she apologized for being a bitch, and whatever.

and OH YEAH. i am moving june 1st. to the townhouse by the shale quarry. it’s all settled and signed up and partial deposit and all that. leighanne will be moving in there may 1st, and when my lease is up, i’ll be joining her. it’ll be fun. the return of the non party!! you should all be very excited.

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