ok i really don’t know what i did to my back…it was fine as i sat here all day. it doesn’t really hurt when i stand up…just when i go to sit back down it hurts. and then it was spasming…i don’t get it. someone fix it.

i think i had something to say but i forget. definitely going to try to get laundry done tomorrow, even tho i’m a early start. and take my film in since i bought the wrong chemicals for the fixer and still am waiting for a developing tank…hopefully can pick them up wednesday before movie night…

which reminds me. someone suggest a non-depressing-want-to-kill-yourself-after-movie….we’re watching requiem for a dream, so after that we need something uplifting…lol. if no one suggests something it’s gonna be dirty dancing

and apparently i’m really stressed out. i’ve been tearing apart my cuticals horribly, and my eye is twitching…you can’t tell it is, but i can feel it, and it’s annoying.

something just made me really really happy. and then 5 min later something made me really really discouraged…

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