i’m a sucker for the promo goods certain stores offer. like the tower records one i got today. pre-order APC’s thirteenth step and recieve free promo button. had to. i had to do it. so i won’t get it til wednesday now, but i get a button. gah. lol.

today is excellent leather pants weather, so definitely going with that for the show.

i’m halfway through chucky p’s “diary”…i read a giant chunk of it today at the drs office since i waited an hour to be seen for 3 minutes.  i hate doctors. but diary is good…it’s interesting. it is different than his past works. but i’m waiting for the chucky p plot twist to unveil itself. it’s sorta getting there.

i stopped home to get my garbage pail kids cards so i can sell them on ebay. hopefully i can get some cash for them, since they seem to be the only thing i own that has some sort of market on ebay at the moment.

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