i wasted my money and bought a 3 pack of those listerine strips. well i lost the one pack already. i figured i could take them to work cuz we can’t chew gum. but somewhere i lost it. hopefully it’s in the car…

but whoever thought of them? who thought, let’s make this stuff that is super concentrated mouthwash and put it on a strip that dissolves on your tongue? my first encounter with them was at the 103.3 christmas party when orgy played. orgy was handing out promo orgy packs of them. gay nate offered me one, and i was like wtf is it, is it drugs? he was a known druggie, so it wouldn’t have surprised me. it was the weirdest thing. then there’s the whole ozzy incident “it’s not gum!!”

anyway. i was on roulette relief last night. i was going to leave early, til i saw my schedule and i had a good placement, and it was holiday pay. but by midnight i was so tired, i signed the list to get out. i didn’t think i would cuz i was the last one on the list, but i got out at quarter to 2. not bad. i’m so tired again. maybe class will be short today. we’ll see.


i got my 100 box of crayons with the 4 new shades, and the “Vote for the shade to keep”….4 of 5 old shades have to say good bye to make room for the 4 new shades (which are ugly). the 5 shades you can get rid of are…blizzard blue, which is considered one of the flourescent colors, never colored very well anyway…magic mint, again, a flourescent…i’m ambivalent to it. teal blue…mulberry, which i like, and…BURNT SIENNA!!!!! how could they?! how could they even dare to get rid of burnt sienna. without burnt sienna my entire crayon essay is destroyed!! to add insult to injury, the online voting for the colors ended on the 31st!!! i can’t even try to help out poor burnt sienna…….besides that, the 4 new colors…one looks just like mulberry, one is another light blue color, one is this hideous semi-flourscent green, and a kind of bright orange. i might have to update my crayola essay, because what the hell is cerise?!? it’s a red crayon of some sort…

so i got my crayons, but i forgot coloring books. so i had to stop at d&k on the way home and got myself some 19 cent coloring books for little kids. haha. they rock.

first day of school. off to a good start. i got there, and a kid comes over and says, it looks like you would like one of these, and gives me a flyer…for a piercing parlor LOL. i thought that was amusing. i get in the building, and look for room 147…146….148…wtf is 147. IT DOESN’T EXIST. i hear my name, turns out my old neighbor jenny sidoni is in the class, and all the people are standing outside since room 147 doesn’t exist. it’s a small class, only 16 people. my geneseo class was probably 25. seems like it’ll be a decent class. but i can tell it’s going to be at a somewhat lower level than my first class. he’s requiring 4-8 rolls of film for the semester…um…yeah i take like 8 a weekend. hahah. i didn’t look into the hand outs yet, he said he’s going to give us an assignment sheet at some point anyway.

the bad thing is that i don’t think we’re gonna get in the dark room before the fundraiser, or with enough time for me to print my own fundraiser photos. i think i might go through my negatives and get 4×6 reprints of the ones that are going to go in the album, then wait and see how things in class are going, so i can maybe do the 8x10s myself. but we’ll see.

work tonight at 7. i’ve got a massive headache. i think flourscent lights give me headaches. i have to sort my crayons now. i think tony and i are gonna go up to casino niagara tomorrow night after my oil gets changed.

and no one understands the whole vacation thing at work…no one knows what to do, when to do it, blahblahblah. someone is calling HR today to find out details, like if we can switch vacations. cuz kevin doesn’t even want vacation, but he’s at the front of the list and said he’d ask for the weeks i want, so that if i don’t get them we could trade. that’d be great if we could do that. i’ll just have to wait and see i guess.


it’s decided. when leighanne and i take our urbex trip down to philly for eastern state pen, and asbury park, for all the asbury goodness, we have to stop at the crayola factory. the end.

and i realized when we take this trip, we’re gonna need like 40 rolls of film. all that asbury goodness.

and hands down, i found my all time favourite crayon name…”woodstock mud brown”

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