my stomach hurts…which just further contributes to my recent theory that humans really should have evolved by now to not have stomachs anymore, and should be able to take all nutrients through an IV.

i bought an LC shirt and their Unleashed Memories cd, cuz it has the Halflife EP as bonus material (and it was only 12$) at the show last night. realized the shirt has a hole in it. it’s not ripped, it’s as if the 5 year old little girl in the malaysian sweat shop missed both pieces of fabric when sewing it. it’s along the seam on the side. maybe adr or her mom can fix it for me. hopefully, cuz i like it.

the new pictures from monday are up on institutional green…i don’t feel like posting highlights, but they are two very good rolls IMO. one’s the rea terminal, the other is bct. i have a handful of leftover images on the roll in my cam still.

washed the bathtub, but it’s far from clean. it’s gross but i couldn’t get it any cleaner. gah. need a scrubby or something.

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