Lacuna Coil in Rochester

lacuna coil is so cool.

after running around to see my mom, and get my film, and all that, headed out with rocco to rochester for the lacuna coil/anthrax show. found the place just fine, but once we got there…absolutely no where to park. something must have been going on at the beach because there were people every where (and omg my comp screen just turned blue…wtf is wrong with my monitor, i thought it was getting better). more people than should normally be at the beach, even tho it was a nice evening. finally found a place to park and had to walk through a big dirt field to get to lake ave, and penny arcade. the place is small, and so was the crowd. some local band, loopus or something, played first. not good. lacuna coil followed. same set list as the buffalo show, 40 min or so since they weren’t headlining. they sounded awesome, the crowd was into them. the 2 indian guys who were in front of me and heather at the buffalo show were in front of us at this show too. the one looked at me and sorta nodded. later, after LCs set, he came over to me when rocco went to get a drink and started talking to me. he remembered me and heather, but he didn’t want to talk to me before cuz he didn’t want me to get in trouble with the guy i was with LOL. and oh yeah, during LCs set, some kid was standing next to me and kept trying to hold my hand. weirdos. so talked to the indian guys a bit. they went to the cleveland show, but not toronto. e-town concrete apparently aren’t on the bill anymore, they went to do ozzfest i guess, so anthrax was up. they were surprisingly good, considering i knew nothing by them, and was expecting music i wouldn’t really be into. for whatever reason i thought scott ian was the singer tho, and that’s very wrong hahah. he plays guitar.

i’ll say it again, i love metal shows. hah they’re so much fun. the deafness was really bad though. we were sorta close to one of the speakers during LC, and my ear was clicking. that’s always a bad sign. that’s what happened after the kick to the head at orgy, the 5 feet from the speaker incident at APC in boston, and STP at UB…but after leaving, and being in the car, i’m not all that deaf, so that’s really really good. it’s not clicking anymore. we stopped at a rest stop for food on the way home. the whole thing wasn’t awkward at all or anything, plenty of talking (mostly about work haha), so it was good. had a fun time. turns out i worked with his sister at hard rock hahah.

soooooo tired now, but i don’t think i’ll be able to sleep. gonna work on getting my pics up. i got some really nice ones again.

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