amanda did write back. she wants me to call her, cuz she doesn’t have reliable internet access to do the email thing. but i slept too late today to call today. oh well. so glad we’re sorta back in touch though.

worked 8-4. jenn and i switched games so i could be on roulette instead of in high limit blackjack, then i got taken off my roulette game to stack chips all night. that was less than stellar. then got sent to high limit anyway, to send jenn home haha. went to the bar after. i wasn’t going to stay long, but stayed til 6:30. there was this whole thing with brendan wanting to come home with me, but i didn’t think it would be a good idea. i was told by someone that i have a very distinctive look. i asked if it was a good or bad thing, they said for me, it was good. i took that as a very nice compliment. slept til 3:30. yay me.

this kid at work, rocco, is going to go to the lacuna coil/anthrax show in rochester on wednesday with me. it might be slightly weird. we were in mini bacc class together, so we’ve talked, and he’s a roulette dealer so we’ve talked about that. but like…3 hours in a car might be a bit ackward. but that’s ok. i don’t have to go by myself anymore.

i have a phone number written down here, and i don’t know whos it is. hah. i suppose i could call and find out, but i’ll pass on that. 614…where is that? that’s not the area code, thats first 3 digits. oh it’s NCCC. nm haha.

i rejoined the LC mailing list to see if someone bootlegged the toronto show, like they did the may show…and they did. yay. so i’ll get to have my first bootleg of a show i actually attended since u2. now i just need new speakers for my comp.

got more scary horoscopes today…and i had wacky tornado dreams again. not the first time recently either. anyone who says they’re not stress/changing life dreams is full of it haha. i only get them when things in my life are changing…like freshman year in college when i was having them 3 to 4 times a week.

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