we didn’t get the apartment.  back to square one now. gonna have to look around for more for rent signs, maybe go back to the place that had been our first choice and look at it again, since we did get accepted by them.

i watched 3 movies last night and 1 the night before. maybe watch should be in quotes. they were on as background noise. hedwig saturday night, then fight club, dirty dancing, and wayne’s world last night. why? i dunno cuz i’m just gonna end up watching them again when fishy is here lol. but once again, how can anybody NOT like dirty dancing?!?!?!

gotta get ready to run around niagara falls getting my new badge and stuff.


well…some of you might have noticed the site disappeared for a period of time today. exceeded bandwidth limit. actually… ty exceeded bandwidth limit . the mp3s he had up temporarily ended up using 7gigs of my transfer, when a normal month i use just over 1 gig hahah. so he ever so nicely paid to have the site turned back on for the rest of the month.

went to work to do the whole uniform exchange/badge exchange/employee quarterly meeting thing. it went semi smoothly. the meeting was cool. the president went over how we got to where we are, how we’re doing, where we’re going. and let me just say where we are going is hella impressive. they need to put the little video that they showed us online, on the site, cuz yeah. i bet the general public would like to see where they are going. esp the people who doubt the sucess of the project. next phase is demolishing the bus station and restaurant next door to the casino – plowing it flat for a parking lot. then in august, they start building a parking ramp, and employee cafeteria in that space. once the ramp is finished they can start the Spa Hotel directly behind the casino (where parking is now – hense the need for the ramp to be finished first). it’s going to add so many square feet of gaming space, bunch of hotel rooms, a spa (hense spa hotel), blahblahblah. then next step after that, is 2 year project to build the 2nd hotel. “y” shaped like alot of the vegas hotels. again, adds a bunch more gaming space, and family entertainment center. after that is the 4000 seat arena thing, and finally the conference hotel with conference rooms, convention center, etc. they had this nice rad rotating view of the site, and each part of the project, and night time view. it’s really really impressive. the entire area between rainbow blvd and niagara street is going to be the complex. when you exit the robert moses you’ll run right into the casino. all the ghetto housing on rainbow blvd will be razed…the only thing that they aren’t tearing down is the church nextdoor hehe. but yeah…wow. it’s a 5 year project, can’t wait to see how it turns out. *excited*  *dork*

and maybe i’m just being naive, since this is my first real job, in a real company, that treats their employees well…but i love working for them. they treat us really good, and seem to really care about us. they’re expanding our benefits program, there’s a picnic in june over 2 days so everyone can attend at some point, they’re putting in an employee store in the parking lot building, and a friggen dry cleaners for us…and it’s exciting to have been there from the beginning, and to see how this is all going to turn out.

there were 2 big winners over the weekend. some 80 year old man from rochester won 1.1 million on a wheel of fortune slot machine. and a couple from erie PA came to the falls to get married, went to the casino afterwards and won a car. nice wedding gift eh?

oh right, yeah, first day dealing is thursday. my normal days off are now moved to wed/thurs…won’t have to request off for dave gahan in toronto. will have to request off for ozzfest. no problem.

i think they gave me wrong size shirts again. the vests fit cuz they sewed them for me. they actually sorta too tight cuz i gained 5 lbs last week…but they’ll be ok. but the shirts, since they lost my uniform order form, have the short sleeve problem again. they gave me size 8s again when i think we had decided on the form to go with 10s…i’m gonna go back on wed when we’re in the falls and see. and it seems like i’ll be able to wear my own black pants with it, cuz the vest is longer yay.

went to look for more apartments. got a few more numbers from the same area, only got through to 1 which has to call me back to set up a viewing appt. tried to call our former 1st choice, but there was no answer. going to try again later, to see if they still have apts available – since they did accept us first time around. but we’ll see. and then it’s back to ikea. tyler would be so ashamed. i want to go back to ikea like, right this minute LOL. *ashamed of myself*


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