Lacuna Coil @ Showplace

omg *dies*

so. yeah. went and met heather in the falls, left her car in the ramp and came back to NT to eat dinner and prep for the show. got to showplace right before 8, and it was way more packed than i was expecting. ran into fred “kid rock lookalike” who liked me back in 99 when i was hanging out with julie. first band was some awful hardcore/death metal band from toronto. total suckage. 2nd band was “beyond the embrace” i believe. not as bad, they had potential. they sounded like…old metallica, and iron maiden…like, they had that epic metal guitar solo sound. the music i thought was good most of the time, but they had screaming vocals that i wasn’t digging. the 3 guitarists and singer all had long metal hair and beards, and the bassist was this clean cut kid who looked about 18. it was weird haha.

lacuna coil was 3rd and o.m.g. it was so great. i haven’t gotten chills like that at a show in ages. i can’t remember the last time. the girl can fucking sing. i was blown away. they played mostly stuff of “comalies” but maybe 3 songs from the other albums. one was one of the italian songs, i think “senzafine” but i’m not sure. gah it was so great. i almost cried it was so great. the music sounded awesome, and yeah…she can fucking sing (have you gotten it yet? she can realllly fucking sing). it was so cool. totally want to see them again, hopefully when they can play a longer set.

we left before the headliner, opeth. no clue what they sound like, i saw what i wanted to see and left hahh.

i totally want to be in a band now. i want to be in a band with that kind of sound. gaaaah. it was funny, someone was talking about how evanescence is just a watered down commercial version of lacuna coil. lol evanescence doesn’t hold a candle to lacuna coil.

i must say my makeup looked so kick ass, and i totally love my new concert outfit. yay.

and yeah, the guy from the casino who wants to take me out actually called today LOL. he called around 4:30 and i was like woah. he’s gonna call thursday when i have my schedule and am done with the cleveland thing.


tyler durden would be so disappointed in me. ikea is the greatest store on the planet. omg it was so great. we pretty much wanted to buy everything in the store. we spent an hour and a half there. so many things we want to go back and look at once we get our place and know what kind of room we have. and they are right, it is pretty damn affordable. there are still things (lots of them) out of our price range, but comparitively…way cheap. couches and stuff, for like 300+ cnd SUPER CHEAP. we bought 6 wine glasses for 5$ cnd, 12 drinking glasses for 7$ cnd. i bought 3 cute ice cube trays for 2.50$ each cnd. adr bought 2 shelves for 9$ cnd each, and a shoe holder thing for her mom. everything we saw we’re like “that’s so cool”…”we need that”…etc. so definitely going back with the station wagon when we get word on the apartment situation.

and speaking of that, i took heather by it yesterday, and the people have moved out. so we figure we should hear from the guy soon, if not by wednesday, we’re calling him. cuz that gives him about 2 weeks to repaint and recarpet so we can move in around the 1st. so cross your fingers that he doesn’t decide to give it to someone else.

gah. ikea!!

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