*admits it* i like linkin park….but holy shit is “somewhere i belong” cliched. same with the new staind song. it’s like, hello, stop writing your songs to cater to your 15 year old teen angst filled fans.

shawn needs to stop telling everyone that i’m chasing after john.

i left work early. didn’t feel like staying til 4 on my last day. it was boring, just like every other day. watched roulette cuz i felt like i was losing my skills, but i’m good now. they actually almost put me on a game cuz they were super short dealers, but no…of course not.

concert tomorrow. yay. hope the weather is semi decent. i might wear a skirt. :-O


meeting heather at the big ice cream cone later today, get dinner, go to concert. she doesn’t know if she’s still staying over or not. i gotta go to the bank and get some moola out. and i need driving directions to ikea….and cleveland.

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