ROFLMAO….omg totally LOLing right now…we have a small crisis on our hands… our shower head fell off ROFLMAO

danielle was taking a shower. gets out…shes still in the bathroom. i hear a bang.. figure she dropped something. she comes out of the bathroom and goes “um i think we have a problem” and she’s holding the shower head ROFLMAO

i tried to smoosh it back on the pipe, but wont go on ROFL…

what next?!?!

meanwhile me and carolyn are having total PLP…we both just blogged the exact same conversations on our blog, like 4 times hahahaha


ok one of my friend’s is having serious issues because his girlfriend broke up with him. this just confirms my point of view that the whole dating thing isn’t worth it. because it ends, and people are upset and heart broken… and knowing me and my track record in relationships in general, i would get hurt cuz that’s how it always ends up. so i’ll just continue to be unattached emotionally to anyone…

i just deleted a few sentences i typed and i’m typing this instead… realized i was getting way too personal on this blog…saying things that dont need to be known by other people ROFL


acoustic version of “Razorblades and bandaids” by ec….ahhhhhh

and speaking of acoustic tracks, it’s so funny how u2’s “please” acoustic is so amazing, yet i still hate the album version on pop…


yeah i forgot something else. in the last 10 hours i did something to my finger and now it’s messed up. i noticed when i was in the shower. my left ring finger 2nd knuckle is all purple. and if you touch it, it hurts alot. it sorta feels like i bent it back way too much or something. or jammed it on something. but it hurts. blah.


forgot to mention how much i HATE the stp kid. stp kid is this boy who was at the STP concert at UB last october. he was behind us, he had a sign that said “still remains” he was way annoying. well turns out he’s an EC fan and he’s at every buffalo area show we go to. and he thinks he’s friends with us, or at least joe, so he pushes up through the crowd to find us cuz we’re always up front and then is so annoying. he’s the reason i lost my space at artvoice, and then david let me in front of him so i could see…and then last night, he comes barging through, jumps on joe and is like “its not a party without joey joe!” or something. i was like HELL NO you are NOT gonna get up here next to me, no fucking way. not like it was crowded or anything, it’s the whole principle of if. joe had been there since like 2pm, we all got there at 6 and sat at the bar for hours…and he shows up at 11 in time for EC. no. u are not getting up next to me and being annoying. then this DJ from 97.7 comes and says something about how howard stern sucks…this prompts STP kid to start BOOOOING at the top of his lungs, in my ear, and shouting HOWARD HOWARD over and over… and then even at the end of the show before EC’s encore, he starts yelling HOWARD! I’m like WTF SHUT THE HELL UP. i’m sorta deaf in my right ear, but it’s not from the show, it’s from him. he is such a know it all, it’s like ooommmgggg i hate youuuu. he’s standing there saying that EC wasn’t gonna play all 16 songs on the setlist, that once they saw the size of the crowd they’d cut it short etc.. and he’s like, so is it the same setlist we all know and love, and yeah it was, so he’s like, u’d think that they play so much here they’d change it up a bit for us.. it’s like STOP FUCKING COMPLAINING. IF YOU DONT LIKE IT WHY THE HELL DID YOU COME?!? i just wanted to punch him. so instead i just kept making glaring faces at joe cuz i hate that kid so much LOL.

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