Econoline Crush at the Evening Star

well tonight (er last night i guess lol) was the econoline show. i think this was the biggest stretch of time this year between EC was weird because i had forgotten how happy they make me. so it was really cool seeing them again. didn’t talk to them at all really. saw trevor, said hi, shook hands, but that was it. the show was at a really crappy bar in a crappy hotel on the blvd. got there around 6… joe had just gotten back from taking trevor to the mall LOL…yeah. he took Trevor to the mall. then we went inside and sat at the bar for 2 hrs. doors were at 8, we ended up on the guest list even tho dan wasn’t there…trevor got 5 of us in. THANKS TREVOR! anyway…there were 2 opening bands… Lucid and um..i forget the other bands name… Mudmen…anyway. it was Lucid’s first show ever…but they seemed way too professional to have never played together live before..whatever. the Mudmen were…interesting. they had 2 huge ogre fat men playing bag pipes…then their sound was kinda punkish, kinda hard…i can only say interesting. since the show was at this bar, the stage was only 2 feet off the ground, no barrier. so we were standing there against the stage. it was like, if i had gotten pushed i would have been on stage. it was really weird to be THAT close…cuz i was really selfconscious about what i was doing, and it was hard to do any of the whole arm waving, clapping, etc kind of thing without hitting the singer LOL…ANYWAY…the mudmen singer, he was kinda cute…and like twice he was singing at me. no lie, this isn’t one of those “omg he looked at me” kind of things. this is like, 2 times, he kinda stooped down and stared right at me and sang…it was strange, cuz like i didn’t know what to do. it wasn’t like i knew the band, and could sing along and have a “moment” with the singer…so i kinda just laffed at him LOL. the 2nd time i saw adrienne lean over and look at me while the singer dude was singing at me. but yeah, they were interesting.

EC was great as always. FINALLY PLAYED A FULL SET! lol…16 songs i think. yeah…no razorblades ┬ábut it was good… played home, and riverside, and all the songs i would have wanted to hear besides razorblades and the songs that i know they’d never in a million years play (stuff off affliction)…yeah trevor’s crotch was right at face level the entire time…not complaining LOL but kinda awkward sometimes. it was weird being so close. johnny and mark had sparkles all over them, it was cute lol…anyway, good show as always. happy happy

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