i took a way too hot shower this morning. now i feel like crap. when i was a kid i used to take baths that were way too hot, and i’d get out and lay on the floor for hours because it made me so sick. i’d usually throw up after that. after they turned our hot water back on this last time, they turned it up and now its scalding hot all the time.

i said that stuff below about not knowing if bono is a pot head or not, cuz u2 hasn’t ever been known as a druggie band…but bono writes about heroin alot. and i read an interview where the guy asked bono if he used heroin and he wouldn’t say either way because if he said “yeah i’ve tried heroin” it would make alot of people who couldn’t afford the drug, or afford the consequence start using. i don’t know why he didn’t just say no, because that would lead almost everyone to believe that yeah he’s used heroin. i should go and read his answer again…ANYWAY even if you were to assume u2 used drugs it was Adam who was the addict with all the issues not Bono so…yeah. Bono just drinks alot lol. He’s irish

when are the people who make the new english dictionaries just going to add “alot” to it so that i can use it with good conscience.

i had a whole bunch of u2 dreams last night but i don’t remember much of them at all. i remember something with Adam and a car.



MJ: The ’60s generation celebrated both sex and drugs as liberating. Nowadays there has been a lot of bashing of both as evil. You present a fairly chaste image…

BONO: We don’t.

MJ: In the movie we never even see you take a drink. We never see you doing drugs…

BONO: The idea that we would hide the drink from the camera is idiotic beyond belief. It’s another cliché that redundant minds throw at U2. “You present a chaste image.” Oh god!

MJ: Do you like being intoxicated?

BONO: (Raises a finger) ‘Tis better to be drunk on the spirit; however, a bottle of Jack Daniel’s is sometimes handier.

MJ: Do you ever find intoxicants, including psychedelics, creatively useful?

BONO: I am already on drugs. I am the sort of person who needs to take drugs to make me normal. (laughs) I have experimented. No, I don’t think that it is something that everybody has to do, one, just to be alive, or two, to write great songs.

MJ: I don’t mean “have to.” But do you have a positive attitude towards drugs?

BONO: I’m not going to tell you that I have a positive attitude towards people who are hurting themselves. Drug abuse is a very negative thing.

MJ: Do you believe there is such a thing as drug use as opposed to abuse?

BONO: I do believe there could be.

MJ: In your own life, have you experienced…

BONO: I don’t want to talk about that. I’ll give you just one example of why it would be irresponsible for me to answer your question in a certain way: I’ve written so many songs using heroin as an image, it might be interesting for me to tell you that, say, “I’ve had experiences with the drug heroin.” It might be interesting for me to do it, and to own up to it. If it were misconstrued, somebody who, for whatever reason, respects me, that might lead them to get into it. OK. If I become addicted to heroin, I can afford the trappings. I can afford the Betty Ford clinic. I can afford to have my blood changed. I can afford the trappings of being an addict. But there is some guy who lives in a room in Dublin who can’t. And nobody gives a shit about his addiction! So it is highly irresponsible for rock ‘n’ roll people to perpetuate the myth of drug addiction. One of the things that I get a good feeling that U2 has done is to break open the mythology of rock ‘n’ roll. The mythology that wearing a safety pin in your nose means you’re a rebel. Shaving your head does not mean you’re a rebel.

MJ: You’re saying those trappings have nothing to do with the true rebellious soul of rock ‘n’ roll…

BONO: Yeah, the rebellious soul. The mythology of “live-fast-die-young” sickens me. I just want to throw up on these bastards! That’s because in our city, Dublin City, I’ve seen the place truly ravaged by drug addiction. People seriously fucked up, and people inspired by this idea of “living close to the edge.”

i just want to say that when i first read this article i freaked out because i finally found the origin of one of my most favourite quotes. it was originially printed in this rock n roll quote book i had, and i always liked it….. bono’s “the mythology of “live-fast-die-young” sickens me. I just want to throw up on these bastards!” hahahaha i was like YAY I FINALLY FOUND WHERE THAT CAME FROM! also, that whole “shaving your head does not mean your a rebel”… i always loved that quote too cuz it was in the book i had, but now it’s such a fight club thing “sticking feathers up your ass does not make you a chicken” lol

preface: I CANT HELP IT!!!!!!!! THIS IS BEYOND MY CONTROL! wait, isn’t that a line from a u2 song? shit i didn’t even mean that.. no wait maybe it’s not.. lol yeah i think i’m thinking about something else…

time for another installment of bono quotes… maybe u2 quotes in general, we’ll see how far i get before i get tired lol
bono quotes:
“Hope you like it, ’cause you payed for it.”

“Let’s be the band that loves its music and the people that are attracted to its music. And even the ones that aren’t, maybe, as well.”

“I can remember as a child looking in a mirror and thinking, ‘I don’t like that!’ It’s wrong. You’re bombarded with all these images and nobody’s like that. The effect is total disillusionment with yourself. You put on a mask and hide from yourself, from your own soul, from what you’ve got to offer. It’s a reaction away from the individual, and we stand for individualism.”

“The Edge is a really, really intense guy, he’s got this incredibly high IQ, he’s great at sorting out issues of worldly importance, it’s just that he forgets the everyday things, like the chords of songs, where he is and so on.”

“Now they know why we always look so grim[in photographs]. Cause its [photo shoots] just so (photographer approaches so Bono places his hand over his mouth and whispers to Edge) just so boring! [Edge smiles in agreement][Photographer asks] Are you bored?[Bono replies] No, no. [Edge laughs, Bono tries his best to look serious and innocent…he is not successful]”

i want to say that i hate this quote. but it’s sorta amusing. but i hate it – don’t ask me why. “We make music you can have sex to”

“When you are 16 you think you can take on the world…..and sometimes you are right!”

“Everyone argues then we all do what I say”

“I dance much better horizontally than vertically.”

“I’ve got a book….I’ve written poems but I don’t know if I’ll publish them. If I do I’ll call it ‘FUCK OFF!! Volume 1’. I get annoyed when people expect me to be a great all-arounder.”

“Work like you don’t need the money, love like you’ve never been hurt, and dance like no one is watching.” (i think someone else said this before bono did…)

“Making records is like making sausages, you’ll probably enjoy them more if you don’t see how they’re done.” ROFL

“You only get disillusioned if you had illusions to begin with.”

“No matter how much we wrap it up in tinsel and television, I’m still the geezer with the white flag.”

“Having gone through the trouble of selling out, you’d expect to at least knock Michael Jackson off the top.” omg i love bono so much

“We’ve made a career out of our personality crises, well, certainly I have.”

“The house functions better without him I think! You have no idea what he’s like. He hasn’t changed. He’s still the same as he always was. He’s cute in his own way. It’s the old story.” – Bob Hewson (bono’s dad)

“I remember when he was about 3, only a toddler. He was out in the back garden. He went over to a flower with a bee. He put it on his finger, lifted the bee up, talked to the bee, and put it back again. He probably doesn’t remember it, I don’t think I ever mentioned it, but I can remember to this day the horror of my wife and myself. He could go from flower to flower picking up bees and never got stung. Amazing, isn’t it?” – Bob Hewson

Adam quotes:
“I certainly like looking at the Spice Girls.”

“I don’t know what will happen to Hanson when their voices break.”

“I’ll tell you, you learn alot about women from dressing up in women’s clothes! You learn that when a woman asks you “Do I look alright?” what she’s really saying is “I have just spent alot of time making myself uncomfortable. If I go out in this condition will I look foolish, or is it worth it?”. When you ask a woman to go out to dinner it’s not like sking one of your mates. She has to stop and think, “Hmm, dinner. That will be four hours of being uncomfortable.” And if she says yes and then after four hours you say, “Lets go dancing, let’s go to a club,” and she says “No, I want to go home,” it’s because she has figured on four hours and now those four hours are up and she can only think of getting home and out of those clothes!”

Question: If a Martian landed and was introduced to you and asked you what do you do, what would you say? Adam: I simulate love-making by beating a piece of wood with a metal wire on which it vibrates.”

“There was a brief moment when it(achtung baby)might have been called Adam(laughs).Depending on the photography (laughs again) there might have been a much larger 5th member on the album sleeve” some copies of achtung baby feature a naked adam clayton on the cover

“I think the psychology of the bass player is interesting. If you’ve chosen that instrument you’ve decided in a way that your role is to support, to make everyone else feel confident”

Edge quotes:
“It’s a real drag if you don’t like yourself, ‘cos you do spend a lot of time with yourself.”

“I have a terrible habit of finding really unimportant, trivial, manual things to do. I’ll go mow the lawn, or find some piece of furniture that needs varnishing, or…paint the cat.”

EDGE: I just want to be respected for who I am.
OBNOXIOUS WOMAN: And who are you, Dave Evans?
EDGE: A Big Rich Famous Rock Star!

“I’m still very nervous about the ‘christian’ label. I have no trouble with christ, but I have trouble with alot of christians.”

“Oh, I hate to see cows playing tag. Makes you think the hamburger you’re eating may have been playing kiss-and-run the day before.”

Larry quotes:
“I invented cool…and you’re on a boat with me.”

“It doesn’t matter what songs we sing. I’m a drummer. Chicks dig me.”

“I look cool….I dunno about the other three….I look cool, I am cool.”

“Well, it could have been an artichoke, but we wanted a more practical fruit.”
“Bono, if you still haven’t found what you’re looking for, look behind the drum kit.” – Boy George

“Bass players get the weirdest fans. I tend to get the bespectacled M.I.T. students. Bono gets the poets. And Larry, unfortunately, gets the girls. We should have gotten a Ringo.” – Edge

I AM SO HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’ve NEVER, EVER been as happy as i am right now….i’m sitting in class thinking, omg i am so happy i want to get up and dance around and scream! Of course, i didn’t LOL….and it’s like i’m suddenly super enthusiastic about EVERYTHING!

so this is what it feels like to be HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and the movie that makes me think of terrorists when i see VW mini busses is Back To The Future…thanks to eric for thinking of it for me!


i found a picture of bono going through mcdonald’s drive thru….so of course i had to show amanda, since it would be a dream come true for both of us if it had happened to us…here is the conversation that insued (ensued?)

amanda: AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!
sara: I KNO
amanda: what McDs???!!!???
amanda: I would die!!
sara: LOL I KNOW
sara: i’d like be shaking so bad
sara: id drop the drink tray all over him
sara: and hed be pissed
amanda: LOL
amanda: we’d hold up the entire line just to talk to him
sara: omg i know
sara: i’d be like FUCK THE DRIVE THRU TIMES
amanda: youd have to call me and I would RUN from home to McDs
sara: just to give u time to get there LOL
sara: and i expect the same from u, if i wasnt working lol
amanda: oh yeah
sara: lol
amanda: when something like that happens..you need to share it with someone
sara: i headr the story behind the photo on saturday…apparantly bono is a terrible driver
sara: and just like took a car, and other tour ppl were following behind him
sara: when he suddenly turned into mcds and was like i want drive thru lol
amanda: LOL
sara: hahah
amanda: dammit…why didnt he come to our McDs!!??!!
sara: and i didnt search for the picture, i just happened to find it today lol
sara: and i’m like MUST SHOW AMANDA
amanda: we should write him a letter “Dear Bono: My friend and i work at McDonalds. We like your music very much. Please come through our drive thru.”
amanda: its alot better then saying “My friend and I are obsessed with you. If you came through our drive thru we’d ask you to give us your burger wrapper just beacuse you touched it”
amanda: “then we’d rub it all over our bodies…….”
sara: ROFL
sara: carolyn had a different idea for our letter
sara: dear bono: my friend and i work in mcdonalds and we heard about your drivethru experience. i for one would like to say that i’d love to flip your burger any day. come to my drive thru because,like our motto says, we love to see you smile – and id do everything i could to make that happen.”
sara: lol
amanda: ROFL
amanda: “Dear Bono: Please come through my drive thru so i can fuck you in a large vat of our pickles that we keep on the stockroom shelves”
sara: ROFL
amanda: “or if you prefer something a little more irish…a big vat of our Shamrock Shake”

i’m being really selfish and conceited now, but i think i have every right to be. and i think what i’ve been saying that i’m going to paste here i have every right to say….as a preface, this is in regards to the fact i’m incredibly irritated talking to a certain person right now…and it’s ruining my u2 high even tho i just watched the “one” video twice LOL that brought it back a bit…

me: cuz everyone else who has immed me
me: asked about the show
me: and i did the whole OMFG AMAZING ETC
me: but for him it really was like he wasnt interested
me: so that really irritated me
carolyn: yeah just asking for sake of asking
me: cuz ppl should be interested in the fact that i had the greatest day of my life yesterday
me: even tho that sounds so conceited

once again, people only ask you about their weekend so they can tell you about theirs….that’s what has happened in that conversation with the person who is irritating me and i’m not giving in, cuz i don’t really give a shit….i’m really mean sometimes

bono quote time… only a few… i think…. there are too many i found amusing as hell…

“The whole business of being in a rock & roll band is just ridiculous. I was thinking, it’s like having a sex change! Being a rock & roll star is like having a sex change! People treat you like a girl! You know? They stare at you, they follow you down the street, they hustle you. And then they try to fuck you over! It’s a hard thing to talk about because it’s absurd, but actually its valuable. When I’m with women I know what it feels like. I know what it feels like to be a babe.”

“Frisbetarians believe that when they die their soul goes up on the roof and they can’t get it down.”

“The strangest thing has happened. I really missed my dog. That’s never happened to me before. You know, on a long tour you do hear people saying they miss their pets. I never have. But last night I started really missing my dog. It’s very odd, cos I don’t have a dog.”

bono is a complete nutcase and i love him….god what is wrong with me WHY DO I HAVE TO BE SO OBSESSIVE ABOUT EVERYTHING! arg, damn my damn obsessive personality.

sometimes i really can’t get over how amazing the song “affliction” by econoline crush is. it amazes me that anyone could come up with the lyrics, music, etc that goes along with it. i’m in total awe of trevor hurst when i listen to this. it’s so incredible. omg…how jealous am i that i could never, ever create something as extraordinary as this song….