election results

as a liberal, of course i am happy with last night’s election results, of obama’s victory, of 3 more states legalizing gay marriage. i really can’t fathom people’s extreme levels of discontent. it’s not like we elected W again hahaha 🙂

last night i dreamed i was dating the president. every time he picked me up for a date in his presidential limo it rained. and one time, his limo driver opened the door for us and the door fell off. i was like, wtf kind of shitty presidential limo do you have that the doors fall off!! then i had a thought that it was sabotage and someone put a bomb in the car, god father style, and it was gonna blow up. but it didn’t. then i realized my neighbors probably hate when he comes to pick me up, cuz of the whole motorcade and secret service dudes and everything.

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