dream: central terminal had gotten some investor, people who were some kind of mad scientists who wanted part of the building to work on their inventions. a meeting, or press conference was called to introduce them and talk about what they were going to do to fix the building. for some reason, my most hated player douchebag dan was the MC for the night, and a band had been hired to play and everything. it was more like a party to celebrate having an investor than a meeting. because time in dreams makes no sense, suddenly the building was fixed, and everyone was looking around at what these people had done. it didn’t really look like the terminal, and was not set up like it, but it still was. it had been redone all very modern, with stores, and the metro rail running through it. everyone was amazed at how good it looked (even tho in real life people would be pissed it had been changed so much). i was trying to take pictures on my phone but people kept bumping into me and they were all blurry. then suddenly this party was celebrating on a boat, going around the terminal (i guess in dreamland the building was on the water front, or a river). again i was trying to get photos from the boat, but they were all blurry too. i started to make my way off the boat when one of the investors told me they were pulling out of the project. i was like, what?!?! you can’t do that, you’ve already spent 9 million $ on restoration, why on earth would you pull out. he gave me all sorts of excuses about “that’s the way business works” and i’m like, no, this actually doesn’t make any business sense. who would throw around 9 million and then give up? it was almost finished being restored. so i got off the boat and went back to the building to tell the people in charge (none of the real life board members were in charge, or even in the dream). already new businesses had popped up around the building, a high end jewelry shop was one of them. i was betting many of the old houses had been picked up to get flipped. i went back into the “concourse” (it looked more like a super modern mall) and just collapsed, crying on the floor, so absolutely sad that these people were pulling out of the project.

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