Japanese (and Chicago) potato chip taste test

Well the Clam Chowder Doritos from Japan that LeighAnne had gotten for me for xmas finally passed through customs and arrived, plus I had found Hot Dog potato chips at 7-11 in Chicago, so we had 2 last kinds to try tonight.

Clam Chowder Doritos…”gourmet” as you can see on the bag ha. Jeremy picked this one first, and the bag was extremely difficult to open. We could only assume because they were not fit for human consumption, and opening it would cause the end of the world. Jeremy pictured those maps you see with giant targets on them, I pictured armageddon exploding from the bag once I got it open. The smell was exactly like that hahaha. Wretched. Worst of the bunch by far. I almost couldn’t eat it because of the smell. Having never tried clam chowder, I can’t compare the tastes, but Lei said it was exactly what she expected from clam chowder doritos. Everyone found them to be awful, on my first chip I didn’t think it was so bad after you get past the smell. Vaguely fishy, mostly salty, with some sort of underlying dorito taste. They all vehemently disagreed. With my 2nd chip, I disagreed with myself too. So not good.

Hot Dog potato chips – I found these at 7-11 in Chicago when I was there for the Sabres/Blackhawks game. I thought these had the potential to be pretty awful too. Even though I like hot dogs, I don’t find it to be a flavor that would translate to any other food. In the end, they weren’t bad. They lacked a hot dog flavor, and went more with the condiments you put on them – ketchup, mustard and relish. Lei said she could eat those, and James agreed until he had more than 5 of them, then that was enough.

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