i was giving a tour of the terminal the members of the People’s Temple (jim jones cult). and i was an amazing tour guide. it involved taking a boat to another part of the building, and then getting off directly onto a subway platform where a few were almost hit by a train. there was also a part about bringing someone to stand by a window to look into the concourse, and the whole side of the building tilting in as if it was going to collapse.

there was a lost missile that flew over head slowly, and i watched it crash into a swimming pool. it still exploded i guess, and it sent up a plume of water, and then mushroom cloud. i grabbed my phone to take photos of it, but after it was done, i went to look at the photos to send to WIVB on twitter and none of the photos were there. i was like wtf, where’d my photos go to. what is wrong with this phone? because i totally know that i’m awake and that this really happened.

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