Dan Lacey, my favourite painter

ok this is too good not to post about. i have a new favourite painter on earth and his name is dan lacey. i really don’t know anything about him, his site is kinda confusing, he apparently paints pictures of people with pancakes on their head…but check this shit out…

dear god. that is so…there are no words, but i almost need it. it is a shame that dan lacey does not sell prints. then on his site, i find a whole page full of MJ paintings, including…


see the rest at: http://www.faithmouse.com/art_of_michael_jackson_artwork.html there is a nice one of MJ with tupac. in his blog he promises a new MJ portrait, of him holding an oil covered pelican! i can’t wait!

and then there is a whole page of paintings of obama riding unicorns ROFL. my personal favourite is obama riding a unicorn which is stabbing a…bull? buffalo? that sarah palin is riding LOL. omg. so much brilliance i can hardly breathe. and the one with obama, stalin and…house? lol!

and you probably think this post is full of sarcasm, but i am totally serious, this guy is my new hero.

OH WAIT HE DOES SELL PRINTS! i’m in trouble now, how do i choose which to get?!?!

a special thanks to leighanne for directing me to regretsy.com, where i discovered the jacko and jesus painting. i don’t know what i did without knowing this artist LOL

last minute addition….definitely need

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