lady gaga toronto

headed up to toronto with steph, meredith and laura to see lady gaga at the air canada center. stopped for dinner at the village idiot pub, checked into the hotel, then a few more drinks at elephant and castle before cabbing it to the ACC. it is weird to me to go to a show where i haven’t sat in line all day, so that when you get there you don’t know what gate or entrance you’re supposed to go to haha. got in and staked a claim on spots about 25 feet from the stage.

semi precious weapons opened, and they were freaking fabulous bowie/hedwig type glam rock. very entertaining.

gaga…everyone seemed surprised that i’d go see her, but i find her songs to be pretty good pop songs, and she is interesting to me. first impression, her face is still funny looking in person and she’s pretty short. but she sang live, with backup singers and some recorded back up, and i give credit to that. pretty much no one sings live anymore if they dance or have an active stage presence. she had a whole crew of dancers which made me think of janet jackson and her “kids”. it had been a long time since i’d seen a pop show, so much was reminiscent of MJ and Madonna (and janet), but i guess probably all pop shows are. she had a ton of costume changes, and set changes as the sort of “story” of the Monster Ball unfolded. i’m pretty sure this setlist is not right, as after speechless she did a new song I think she said was called “you and i”, and i don’t know if that replaced “so happy i could die”, or if she played that too. but the rest is probably spot on.

Dance in the Dark
Glitter and Grease
Just Dance
Beautiful, Dirty, Rich
The Fame
Love Game
Boys Boys Boys
Money Honey
Brown Eyes
So Happy I Could Die Play Video
Bad Romance

overall, it was a good pop show. the people watching was great, many dressed up in gaga outfits, or just dressed up glittery and feathery and fab.

after the show we hit up the hotel again before going out. went someplace in the gayborhood that was like a sauna inside, and you couldn’t take drinks onto the patio so we only stayed for one, and then went off to the bovine sex club (relax it’s just a bar!), because semi precious weapons had said they’d be doing another set there after the main show. not knowing what time they were going to be there at, we actually only saw their last song, but it was a pretty cool place so we stayed there til it closed. kinda biker-y type place with all kinds of creepy crap hanging all over the walls and ceiling. my kind of place. got some cheap yummy falafel at a 24 hr place down the street before calling it a night.

good times good times!

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