dreams: i was reading a book about inxs by one of the other members of the band. in the dream his name was mike corleon, but i think in real life, it would have been tim. it was written in very thick australian slang/accent and it was hard to understand, but it was nice to read about hutch and all their stories from the road. then i remembered i had a special inxs cd that was part of some kind of learn to cook program LOL so suddenly i was at my parents house looking for this cd. apparently it had reworked inxs songs that instead were instructions on how to cook. i was mad tho cuz my mom had gotten rid of it.

i was at neverland again, being let inside with 4 other people to hang with MJ who was clearly still alive and living there. paris was at the gate to greet us and let us in, and she hugged us all, and when it came to my turn, it was a weird ackward hug, and i couldn’t think of anything to say to her but “you are a very cute little girl”. when we got inside MJ was talking to his assistant about physics.

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