Mike Miller

so i need to say something about Mike. but i still don’t know what. i’m still mad at him.

this is really the first friend of mine who has died. grand parents get old, they die, it’s sad but…that’s the circle of life. this isn’t. mike was a very good friend, one of those people you can say anything to and who won’t judge you for it. he was a great listener when i wanted to bitch about the CTRC (or anything else). we started at the CTRC together, and tho I left the board, I was still around and I always thought we would see the end of it together. when i told him i wanted to leave the board he said, i hope we can still be friends, as if being on the board or not would change that. he took care of everyone else, but not himself as we’ve sadly found out.

the wake and service was immensely sad. every time another volunteer came in, the crying started again. larry had an idea of putting one of our CTRC wine glasses into the casket with him, but suggested that i do it because i was closest to him. mike is being cremated and entombed with his father in charleston (i think), but i still think at least a pinch should be left at the building.

if anyone was going to haunt the terminal it would be russell and mike, and they’re probably arguing…russell getting angry and mike staying nice and calm, even if he was mad.


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