i dreamed i was at some club/bar on allen st waiting for a show to start. there were a few bands playing, don’t know who and there weren’t many people there yet. i wasn’t paying attention and a band started to play, a song i recognized. holy crap it was the tea party, reunited. they were playing “halcyon days” i got so excited to see them back together again. jeff martin had lost a bunch of weight and looked really good. i went to talk to him after the song, and asked if they were supposed to be playing that day, and he said no it was a surprise for the people who had come to see the other bands. i was just so flippin excited and i was texting everyone i knew who would be happy at the news that they were back together. they kept playing and still hardly anyone was there, and i was like, booo no one is going to know they got back together cuz no one is here to see it. then i started to question whether it was really happening or if it was a dream, but told myself no this is so totally real and not a dream. ha.

went to the aud today cuz it was warm out. it’s better to go on a cloudy day though because it’s so back lit. bad pics. lots of weird people there today, all talking to me, and they trapped me standing on the big blue thing in front and i couldn’t get down and away from them haha. one looked like trevor hurst if trevor was a shriveling old man. he claimed he used to work there when he was younger, and remembered running around all the ramps and running around empty sections of seats. and he said something about alice cooper but he wasn’t making alot of sense. other guy was telling me how he saw his first hockey game there, and the sabres/philly finals fog game. all the ice surface is gone now, and they’ve started taking down the seat sections. the garage doors are either gone or just left open now, you can see through to the street on the other end. it’s going to be just a shell soon… 🙁

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