thank you trent, i wasn’t excited for a “home town” show or anything, and you go cancel Darien Lake in favor of yet another show in MA…so how many is that now? did you play clubs there? I think you did, but am not sure…then Boston Nov 05, Amherst 06?, Boston ampitheatre, Worcester…so we’re looking at 6 shows in MA, and zero in Buffalo in 9 years. Thanks. Super.

oh and then on top of that, Jane’s Addiction is already doing a presale for Kansas, and the tickets are $150 or $75…WHAT? are you kidding? maybe there is something special about those tickets, some kind of package. signed up for JA’s site and presale, no mention of a VIP package at that price…really? Those are the prices for the first 2 levels of seats…well maybe there is something weird about Kansas…maybe other venues won’t be so much. Oh no wait, Vegas is $154..that’s fantastic.

Seriously? an AMPITHEATRE tour, with only 4 members in the band, stripped down, for $150!? I don’t give a SHIT that it’s a janes addiction reunion tour, who the fuck are they? They are still an “opener” and sorry, they are not special enough to justify these prices for an ampitheatre tour. Bauhaus who i’d consider to be a more important band than Janes did not warrant a price increase in 2006…Even with the increasing costs for touring, gas and travel, there is absolutely NO REASON for this tour to be 3 times as much as Lights in the Sky, or any other tour by a band at the same “level” (say depeche mode). DM’s toronto tix are 90 something, 70 something, lawn is 30 something. I would expect tickets to be near 70, but I’d also expect to be in a pit, and not be stuck in seats in the 2nd tier (or worse)!

I am hoping for a pricing miracle for Toronto but I am not holding my breath, they’re usually one of the most expensive cities on the tour. The way things are looking it may be the only show I go to, and I might not even go to that…I just can’t justify it. Ampitheatres for $150, makes me ill. Even freaking U2 is offering $30 tickets that are GENERAL ADMISSION!

I am so pissed.

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