No Line On The Horizon

“no line on the horizon” officially was released today so i headed out to bestbuy to pick it up. they had all 4 versions on sale, the box set for $64 so i gave in and got that one. when standing in line at “media” stores i always check out what other people are buying. the guy in front of me bought the watchmen dvd and vicky christina barcelona. the old guy behind me, all i could see was u2’s slane castle dvd…then he notices that i’m buying the box set, so he asks me if it was for my daughter or did i like u2? daughter? why would he think i had a daughter? so he says he likes u2 alot too, and shows me his other items…under a blood red sky dvd and the new one, and says “i bought everything they had”…that was all they had? haha i think he would have talked to me for ages if i didn’t get to go to the next cashier.

the box set is very nice. they advertise that the digipack comes with a poster…which it does, but it is GLUED into the cd packaging. what the hell! it folds out but one square is glued into the digipack so you can’t cut it out to display it at all. stupid stupid. the box set has another regular poster, but it’s just the album cover on one side and a shot of the band on the other, while the one glued to the cd is really nice with 9 different b&w photos on one side, and fez on the other (i assume). the hard cover book is full of photos, hand written lyrics, and an interview with the 4 guys. it’s nice but i find myself completely uninterested in reading it haha.

i need someplace to display these box sets i’ve purchased without them getting filthy…ghosts was black cloth, and nloth is all white. neither one good for dust and cat hair haha

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