U2 “Breathe” review

Breathe: Rocking guitars, absolute “Rattle and Hum” feel to it. I sort of expect a harmonica in there like “Trip through your wires” or “Desire”. Vocals are quick and monotone, in a good way, but I could do without singing about cockatoos and joo joo man LOL. Nice piano work. Part of the guitar makes me think of recent Depeche Mode too. “the people we meet will not be drowned out. There’s nothing you have that I need, I can breathe.” “the war that lies on the other side of silence”…very nice. I do absolutely hate, in all recent u2 songs, Bono’s need to sing part of the chorus in a forced high note, it’s unnecessary. The music is so good, the piano would be great if someone (ie Bono) really plays it live. Really love the piano.

Grade: A – best song on the album

And speaking of depeche mode, they apparently have an album coming out in april. first single “wrong”…video was released the other day. it’s sorta creepy but neat. the singing of the word “wrong” throughout the song sounds like marilyn manson. it’s not bad tho. they’re playing toronto in july, molson ampitheatre, so i should be able to afford lawn tix this time around.

tomorrow, the last song “cedars of lebanon”

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