U2 “Get on your Boots” and “Stand up Comedy” review

2 today because i forgot yesterday 🙂

Get On Your Boots: Looooooove. I don’t know how people can NOT like this song. Yes the lyrics are ridiculous and silly, but it’s supposed to be fun and frivolous. I already reviewed it, but in case you missed it…it has a fun retro vibe to it, the guitars are killer and it’s going to be fabulous live. The “let me in the sound” bridge is wonderful. Edge’s chorus background is lovely, Bono’s high notes could be toned down, but it works. It’s got flashy colorful fun video to go along with it. Now it completely does not fit into the rest of the album, but ah well…

Grade: A! Super fun!

Stand Up Comedy: Very funky. “Stop helping god across the road like a little old lady” LOL “Come on people stand up for your love”. It’s got a sort of hippy vibe to it. I apparently do not have a lot to say about it. It’s fun and rock. Interesting guitar work.

Grade: B

tomorrow…fez-being born

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