the text boxes that come up on youtube videos now, with comments or whatever, are the most obnoxious thing on the internet.

watched u2’s grammy performance on youtube. the screen, the platform, and bono are very reminiscent of the fly. which is a good thing. but then i listened to 30 sec clips of the album on walmart’s digital music store, and i am so incredibly disappointed. really really very sad about it. i’m hoping the whole thing redeems itself some how, but from the clips…i’m going to hate it.

aud demo started last week, and i took a drive down there on saturday to take some pictures. i need someone to drive me down there with a ladder so i can get shots from above the fence (here’s looking at you and your van adr2 🙂 hehe). there’s no way to get any elevation around the building, unless i want to risk death by stopping on the skyway haha. i was going to go down today again for some action shots (hopefully) but i slept too late, and tomorrow is going to be warmer so i’m going to try again tues.

i want to buy the stuffed severed horse head (a la the godfather) that i found using stumble, it’s only $45, but then i remembered i wanted to buy the florida voting machines that caused all the problems in 2000 with hanging chads, that ended up with the worst 8 years in recent american history. that was $99 and limited quantity so i did that instead. for now. haha.

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