Get on your boots!

more thoughts on “get on your boots”
1. like i said, when it starts, it is not a u2 song. when i got it on phill’s phone, there were downloading issues, and the song “was not available”, so when it worked i thought maybe it wasn’t the right one. but bono comes in and he has a distinctive voice proving it to be u2 afterall.
2. the closest to “molten metal from mars” as u2 is going to get. the edge’s guitar is kick ass and dirty. adam’s got a funky bass line throughout. and i think i hear the hint of a drum machine…0_0
3. it’s got an old 60s vibe to me. part of it is the layered harmonizing vocals, part is the guitar.
4. the tempo of the vocals, or style of singing, in the verses is reminiscent of “vertigo”
5. omg just realized what the claps in the background remind me of…peaches “fuck the pain away”. LOL
6. the end, bono “chants” (approx the 2:30 mark), very cool. then the guitar kicks back in, that’ll be great live.
7. “i don’t want to talk about wars between nations….not right now” hahaha

my reservations
1. lyrically…i can’t figure out what the song is about. and it’s not super stunning with lyrics like “sexy boots”, “fuzzy boots”, “satan has a bomb scare”. again, no profound bono lyrics here.
2. i really really liked “vertigo” when it was released. leighanne and i listened to it on repeat for about 2 hours, and we were both very excited for the album. then “how to dismantle an atomic bomb” came out and it was severely lacking compared to what “vertigo” had promised…so i’m still hesitant for the album, but more optimistic having heard this and having seen the album cover.

i picture it having a fun video, like performances in the 60s with girls in go go boots, and the camera zooming in and out on edge’s guitar parts. maybe even like a parody of the 60s like those breaks in Austin Powers where he is with a band haha. definitely something better than the cgi-fest that was “vertigo”

it makes me happy right now, and i needed it cuz i had a depressing dream that was going to ruin my day. not anymore!

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