dream: i was talking to someone on IM and she asked me if i had been at the creed concert in cleveland the night before. and i said no, and asked if she was, and she said yes. and so i asked, was that because you actually like creed. and she said yes, and that the concert the night before was actually in boston. and i was like OMG you went all the way to boston to see creed and she said yes. so i said that she totally lost all credibility in a NIN line for liking creed. then she was sending me pictures that i thought were from the creed show, of people in weird outfits and costumes, like a girl dancing around in a pink bee costume, but then she said no they went to a rave in a high school when they were in boston. then suddenly i was there at the rave and someone asked me why i wasn’t dancing, and i said because i was actually sober. so i was walking around the school and some girl kept following me. the school seemed really old, but she said that it was still in use, they just clean up from the rave before the kids come in in the morning. ha

then another dream that bono was organizing some environmental summit in buffalo, and somehow i had gotten his email address, so i emailed him and was asking about it. we started corresponding and i was pretty sure it was really bono, and eventually he asked if i wanted tickets to this summit (apparently it wasn’t a public thing, but for politicans and famous ppl etc). i really wanted to meet him and hoped he’d be there, so i said yeah i wanted tickets, and i asked leighanne if she wanted to go but she was out of town.

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