sick sick sick

i’m sick. finally. i say that, just cuz adr2 is constantly sick, and i rub it in that i’m never sick. once a year, and here it is. my throat was burning all night, and having just finished the last book in the twilight series before bed i dreamed i was a vampire all night…er well, during the very little sleep that i got. jaw/teeth hurt, can’t stop swallowing, sorta want to throw up but not really. head hurts and feels weird. nose drippy. i may have to call into work. i can’t imagine working like this. i gave friday away so i could go to the sabres home opener and i have to call in next friday to go to the vancouver game with adr2. so my paychecks will be hurting, but good thing i have 25 hrs of sick time haha.

anyone know where you can stream live tv? cuz channels 4 and 23 still aren’t back on time warner, and tomorrow is top model…*shame*
Demolition of Buffalo’s Memorial Auditorium is now officially less than a month away.

The Erie Canal Harbor Development Corp. today approved a contract with Ontario Specialty Contracting, Inc. that removes the sports arena from the waterfront landscape by May 1.

The $1.49 million contract includes $177,000 to salvage several design elements from the 69-year-old structure’s facade.

Pending formal sign-off by the Empire State Development Corp., the harbor panel’s parent agency, demolition crews will start setting up shop at the Aud site by the end of the month, with actual dismantling to start in November.

The five-acre Aud site will be home to a 125,000-square-foot Bass Pro Shops Outdoor World store, Erie Canal/Great Lakes-themed museum, and a public plaza featuring a replica canal and other water-linked attractions.

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