nine inch nails, mohegan sun

Thursday brought driving out to Connecticut and Mohegan Sun Casino for the nin show. The venue was all seats, so we didn’t need to be there early for anything. Left Buffalo around 9:30, got in almost exactly 7 hours later and found the hotel. Chilled a bit and headed to the casino around 6:30. We had attempted to miss deerhunter, but got there too early and had to suffer again. The most entertaining part of that was a clearly drunken guy in the lower bowl dancing and dancing away to them. It was more interesting than watching the band. Anyway…adr and I were row M which ended up being 11 from the stage, dead center. Adr2 and Bliss were further back but center.

Then this giant guy sat down directly in front of me, 2 rows ahead. I dubbed him Hagrid and even tho we were still sitting I knew once nin came on I wouldn’t be able to see anything. And I was right. 999999 started, everyone stood up, and Hagrid was directly blocking my view of center stage – aka trent. To make it even better, the guy and girl right in front of us traded spots so the girl could see, so then i had 2 giants in front of me. Completely seriously, for the first 5 songs I didn’t even see a smidgen of trent. So I resorted to watching Robin, oh the horror 🙂 As the show went on, gaps of space between giant heads opened and I was able to see, plus Hagrid left a few times and sat down, so it ended up being ok.

The show itself…started the same, but the frail was followed by the wretched as it should be! frail into closer was just weird. that meant they left out head down, fine by me. In front of the screen, we got the great destroyer instead of vessel – and it didn’t kill me! the ultra lame vocal flourish wasn’t that bad live, and as I like the rest of the song before and after those 3 seconds, it was cool to see. the light show during the “break down” 2nd half of the song was awesome…I had seen some clips on youtube from the european festivals last year, but way better in person. They also switched out ghosts 6 for ghosts 5. The rest of the set was the same. Somehow, and it’s always hard to articulate why, but this show was better than Toronto. Toronto felt mellow, and despite Mohegan all being seats, it didn’t feel the same. There was no crowd action, hardly anyone even moving, but still didn’t feel mellow. Robin was dead on all night, especially the wretched. Dear god, I feel bad for people who’ve only seen that song with Aaron playing. It is so different with Robin and sounds amazing. His guitar on Ghosts 31, killer again. I need to listen to that track on the album to compare. I also need to see Robin play reptile. I’ve seen it on the dvd, and always considered that the best live version of reptile, but need to hear it in person. Robin also got mad at someone off stage during head like a hole, kept giving whoever it was the finger, and he stalked off the stage at the end of the song. Amusing. Oh…the surveillance cameras during survivalism…there are venue cameras, but the mens room view is not live…it was the same guys doing the same thing as toronto, which is probably a good thing haha.

The sorta bad part…you (or at least we) could clearly tell Trent’s voice was having issues. Even during a normal show, by the time he gets to the hand that feeds, he’ll drop the high notes down. He started dropping high notes very very early in the set, even during Wish which doesn’t even really have high notes. Then he talked to the crowd during the encore, told us he’d be at Denny’s down the street later, and clearly his voice was almost gone. I had a bad bad feeling that the Worcester show would get canceled but didn’t say it to anyone. All I said after the show was that Trent better not talk to anyone til 8pm friday. Well…got up Friday morning and drove to Worcester, parked, stopped at CVS then walked to the venue only to find it strangely fan-less. Then we saw the sign on the door – show canceled, postponed until November 9th. Nothing else to do but drive home, and here we are.

Setlist from someone on ETS who grabbed it after the show, so we know it’s right.


Letting You
March of the Pigs
The Frail
The Wretched
Gave Up

The Warning
The Great Destroyer

Ghosts 1
Ghosts 5
Ghosts 19
Ghosts Piggy (ah this explains the different version)

The Greater Good

(Pinion not on the set list but played)
Terrible Lie
Ghosts 31
The Hand That Feeds
Head Like A Hole

God Given
The Good Soldier
In This Twilight

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