nine inch nails toronto

“and it’s nights like tonight and crowds like this that make it fun for us to play.” Something like that, anyway.

sorta funny, he says a very similar thing at rochester spring 05 toronto summer 06 “it’s nights like tonight and it’s crowds like you guys that make this a fucking pleasure”, and no, he doesn’t always say stuff like this at every show. there have been plenty of shows where he hasn’t addressed the crowd at all…it seems he always does mention something like this in toronto though.

i feel like my thoughts on the show are all over the place. i’m finding it really really hard to describe properly. it’s really not the typical nin show that i got used to the last 3 years. but it’s still alot of the same songs, so i’m not really sure how the feeling of it changed so much. i’m not sure a radio fan would enjoy it – tho he plays the “greatest hits” still – as they may not have any experience with ghosts, or even the slip and would be sorta confused at why there’s suddenly an upright bass and a xylophone on stage.

and now i’m going to take a moment to sound like maynard james keenan at at least one apc/tool show i was at. he doesn’t allow cameras in venues anymore, sings either at the drum kit, or with apc, with his back to the crowd. he doesn’t want people taking pictures, and as he put it “put the cameras down and just experience the show”….SO so many people around us had their cameras out, above their heads, for almost all the show. look, you have a crap digital point and shoot, from 50 feet away with heads and arms in the way, using a flash, your photos are going to look terrible as it was clear from the LCD screen…just put it down and enjoy the show. it got really really irritating to me after awhile to have to look around people’s cameras constantly (i’m not exaggerating) in order to see. give it up.

i think i’m done…hahah maybe…god time for bed, big time

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